Where is Peninsula Valdes located?


Would you like to visit Peninsula Valdes and its incredible sealife? First we need to locate it on a map and see how we can get there. In the following article, you will find out where this stunning destination is located and learn more about it!

Where is Peninsula Valdes on the map?

Peninsula Valdes is located in the Province of Chubut in Argentina, near Puerto Madryn city. 

It is on the east of Patagonia and it is one of the most attractive destinations for tourists due to the astounding  sealife, mammals and birds. This site is in Peninsula Valdés Protected Natural Area (declared Natural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO).

The peninsula is formed by two main gulfs, Golfo San José and Golfo Nuevo. These gulfs are maritime wetlands and provide important nesting and resting places for migratory shorebirds. 

If you are interested in traveling to Peninsula Valdes and enjoy its amazing landscapes and fauna, the best option is flying to Trelew city from Buenos Aires and staying in Puerto Madryn city. It takes approximately 2 hours by plane. An alternative option is to arrive in a Cruise, which visits different piers in Argentina.

Once in Puerto Madryn, the best way to visit Peninsula Valdes is with a guided visit, to learn about the general facts and major information about the formation, fauna and flora of this stunning site.

Accompanied by a professional guide authorized by the Protected Natural Area, you will visit this astonishing place. There are two different excursions, one to the South Peninsula, and another one to the North Peninsula. Depending on this, and the season you travel, you will witness penguins, whales, sea lions and more.

What is Peninsula Valdes known for?

Peninsula Valdes is one of the most visited places in Patagonia due its global significance for the conservation of marine fauna. It was declared a Natural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO because of all the animals that live there, and in many cases which are in danger of extinction. That is why you need to pay an entrance fee to visit this Protected Area.

There is an important breeding population of whales, and many other mammals as sea lions and also elephant seals. As well, it is an important site for the period in the life of shorebirds and Magellanic Penguins who have migratory movement.

The orcas are another animal you can find in this place. They have developed a unique technique of hunting to adapt to local coast conditions. However, they are extremely hard to see due to their behaviour. 

Exist different types of excursions depending on the season. You can walk with penguins, snorkel with sea lions, navigate and watch the whales in their natural habitat, and more. Check out our article the best season to travel to Peninsula Valdes if you want to know more about when to travel depending on which animals you are interested in.

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