Peninsula Valdes Wildlife: What Animals Can You See in the Park?

Peninsula Valdes has all kinds of animals: whales, penguins, dolphins, guanacos and more. Learn about them in this article.

Located in the province of Chubut, Peninsula Valdes is one of the best places for wildlife watching in Patagonia and the world.

What Animals Live in Peninsula Valdes?

Peninsula Valdes stands out for observing all kinds of animals, especially those linked to the sea.

There live orcas, numerous species of birds, guanacos, sea lions, elephant seals, magellanic penguins and of course, the area’s stars are the southern right whales, among others. In addition to the marine fauna, Peninsula Valdes concentrates a hundred species of birds that offer a beautiful natural spectacle in each flight. 

Get to know the extraordinary fauna species of this world-renowned destination.

The Southern Right Whale 

Southern Right Whale

Thousands of people come every year to see the whales that settle in the waters of the San José and Golfo Nuevo to breed and have their young. The date of this natural phenomenon is from July to December

The southern right whale was declared a National Natural Monument in 1984 when it was threatened by commercial whaling that almost brought them to extinction.

We offer many whale-watching tours and excursions, allowing you to navigate very close to them. This is undoubtedly a memorable experience for all who decide to undertake the adventure.

It is also possible to see them from the coast of Puerto Pirámides or El Doradillo beach, near Puerto Madryn.

Elephant Seals

Sea Elephant

Throughout the year, it is possible to observe the colony of elephant seals in Peninsula Valdes from several points on the coast. This place is considered the only continental colony of elephant seals.

Some of the best places to observe them are Punta Delgada Lighthouse and Punta Cantor in Caleta Valdes.

Sea Lions

Diving with Sea Lions in Puerto Madryn

The “Loberia Punta Piramides” is the best place to observe a large colony of sea lions. The species found there is the “sea lion of one hair”. Its main characteristic is its lion-like physiognomy. 

You can enjoy direct contact with sea lions by snorkeling and diving with them.

Magellanic Penguins


From August until February, it is possible to observe multiple penguin colonies in the area, especially Punta Tombo, south of Península Valdés.

It is ideal for taking a full day to enjoy the Punta Tombo reserve, observe the penguin nests and watch them pass very close to people on trails that lead to the sea. As the signs on the trails say, the penguins have priority of passage and often cross paths with visitors. 


During most of the year, it is possible to observe dolphins in the Nuevo and San José gulfs. The species of dolphins that can be seen are the dusky dolphin and the common dolphin.


These friendly marine animals entertain and amaze with their jumps and acrobatics.



In Peninsula Valdes, you can observe many guanacos, considered the place with the highest concentration of all Patagonia. This largest concentration of guanacos was achieved thanks to the prohibition of hunting in this wildlife reserve.

The outstanding characteristics of the guanacos are that they live in herds of dozens of individuals and are herbivores. Hence, it is possible to see them feeding on native species during the tour to Peninsula Valdes. 

When is the best time to visit Peninsula Valdes?

The best time to visit Peninsula Valdes will depend on the type of fauna you wish to observe and the activities you want to do.

The different species can be sighted throughout the year. However, from October to December, the marine fauna is concentrated on reproducing and having their offspring, so it is conducive to seeing a beautiful natural spectacle.

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