Full Peninsula Valdes: A 4-Night Package Covering Everything

Visit the city and the welsh colony, whales, sea lions, and Penguins in a 4-nights vacation!


Don't Miss Anything While You Visit Puerto Madryn and Peninsula Valdes

Want to visit all the highlights that this destination has to offer?

Then “Full Peninsula Valdes” is for you!

In this package you will discover:

  • The Welsh Colony (Gaiman) and the Museum of Paleontology Egidio Feruglio.
  • Doradillo Beach and the wonderful Southern Right Whales.
  • Peninsula Valdes in a full day visit to see Sea Lions and Sea Elephants (and many other animals!)
  • The magellanic penguins of Estancia San Lorenzo.

Ready to discover Peninsula Valdes and Puerto Madryn? See below the itinerary for this suggested vacation.

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Day 1 – Trelew – Puerto Madryn

Arrival at Almirante Marcos A. Zar airport. It is an international and domestic airport, located 7 km north of the center of the city of Trelew, in the province of Chubut. The airport not only serves Trelew, but it also serves Rawson, the capital city of the province of Chubut, and other cities in the lower valley of the Chubut River. After completing the arrival procedures and taking the luggage, our guide will wait for us to start the visit. Trelew is a city of Welsh origin.

Trelew’s foundation is linked with Welsh settlement in Argentina, the leaders of which were Captain Sir Love Jones-Parry of Madryn and Lewis  Jones, who acted as spokesmen to deal with the Argentine government in the beginning of the 1860s. The town was named Trelew in honour of Jones, tre meaning “town” in Welsh and Lew being an apocope for Lewis.

One of the must-see in Trelew is the MEF, the Museum of Paleontology Egidio Feruglio. The Museum preserves the paleontological heritage of the Patagonic region, and is considered one of the most important of its kind in South America and the Astronomic and Planetary Observatory. So, it`s the first step in our visit, and our guide will Transfers us to the museum to enjoy the exhibition. It`s a journey to the past, starting from the early paleo-men through million years until the Big Bang, the origin of Earth. The museum developed the “black box” design concept to recreate past environments and displaying fossils, curiosities, replica and original scenery. The tour ends with a short film in the central module.

Be ready to take a photo to the incredible Patagotitan Mayorum, which is a specie of titanosaurian sauropod dinosaur of the monotypic genus Patagotitan. He lived in the mid-Cretaceous period, approximately 101 million years ago, in what is today is South America. His remains were found in the Cerro Barcino Formation. You can see a replica in the gates of the museum.

After visiting the museum, we will continue to the welsh colony of Gaiman, located only 15 km from Trelew. Gaiman is a typical Welsh colony where, apart from appreciating the special characteristics of the culture and landscape, it is possible to taste the Welsh tea (loose-leaf tea and a wide variety of cakes and tarts, as well as scones and homemade bread). We will have free time to enjoy this incredible gastronomy taste, before start final transfer to Puerto Madryn, where our first hotel is located. Arrival, check in and overnight.

Day 2 - Puerto Madryn – Doradillo Beach

After breakfast, our guide will be waiting for us to take a first view to one of the most incredible shows of nature in the área. We will see the incredible Southern Right Whale. Year after year, this beach located 20 km from Puerto Madryn, is home to mother whales and their babies that goes to these calm Waters to learn. The show is unique, you will be watching from a rocky beach, to the whales which are located only  20-30 metres from the coastal slope. Be ready to take unique potos, because it is possible to enjoy them clearly. You can see mothers with heir calves! Amazing isn`t it? Please note, this activity is available only from June to September, because from Sep/Oct to middle December, whales goes to the península to continue with their lives.

Southern Right Whales are thought to live an average of 50 to 60 years in the wild, but could be more… There are about 10.000 southern right whales in the world.

After enjoying this unique show of nature, our lunch will be ready. Yes, you can continue enjoying the whales during a lunch prepared in the beach… unforgettable.

After lunch, we return to Puerto Madryn, for a free afternoon and rest. Overnight.

Day 3 – Puerto Madryn – Peninsula Valdes – Puerto Piramides

After breakfast, our guide will be waiting for us to start a full-day visit to the incredible Peninsula Valdes. Of course, it`s a must-see in the área, and one of the traditional excursions in the área, but we will include some extra activities that makes a difference.

Peninsula Valdes has around 3,625 km2 (896,000 acres; 1,400 sq mi) in size. It is an important nature reserve which was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999.

The coast of the Peninsula is full of  marine mammals living there: sea lions, sea elephants. Of course, the Southern right whales can be found there. Golfo Nuevo and Golfo San José, are two protected areas located between the peninsula and Patagonia region. Whales arrives to the Peninsula between May and December for mating and giving birth. The área is excellent for them, because the water in the gulf is warm and quite that other áreas that the ocean of southern Waters in Patagonia.

In the north área of the Peninsula, we can find penguins too, but this will be a visit for our next day.  The central part of the peninsula is inhabited by other animals like  guanacos and maras (called Liebre Patagonica in Spanish), and of course a wide variety of birds (around 200 species, including migratory birds and birds living in the área). So, it`s a place full of nature, to be enjoyed, and we will Split it in two days.

So, in the morning, we will depart from the hotel ton orth-east direction. We will enter the peninsula through the Ameghino Isthmus and stop at the Interpretation Centre located there. There is an observation point, where you can see the Bird`s Island with binoculars. Then, we will continue to to Puerto Pirámides, a small village in the península, where many interesting activities can be done. One of them, is to go sailing in small boats to watch Whales, only from June to December. As well as guaranteeing outstanding gastronomy and accommodation, Puerto Piramides is the base for whale watching boat trips to see Southern Right whales. And we will choose one of the most incredible, aboard the Yellow Submarine, a semi-submersible boat to enjoy sea life, which is the first in Argentina. On board of the Yellow Submarine, we  will be able to watch whales walking around on the outdoor upper deck at their pleasure as a conventional tour, or they can watch them on the lower deck as if diving among them. On this underwater level, 40 viewing windows with their own seats allow passengers to watch the submarine environment. The show is unique and amazing!

After that, we will have free time to enjoy the village which is unique. Enjoy the sunset! Overnight in a local hotel.

Day 4 – Puerto Piramides – San Lorenzo Penguin Reserve – Puerto Madryn

After enjoying a great breakfast in our hotel, we will depart towards Caleta Valdés, where we will take a look at the colony of elephant seals.

Then, we will return to the route, to continue our journey to another great point in the visit: The Estancia San Lorenzo which is a traditional sheep farm. We will arrive in time for an awesome (awesome believe me…) typical patagonian lamb barbecue. This is a very typical dish in Patagonia.

After lunch we visit a large Magellanic penguin colony with about 500.000 penguins (I`m sure we have more now) located 7 km/4,35 miles from the main house!

Be ready with your camera! You can take hundred of photos of these incredible animals.

Our next and last stop is the Reserve Punta Norte, where depending the mont of your visit we can see elephant seal, sea lions, and eventually orca. Orcas may be, it`s not easy to see them, so this show can be guarantee.

Finally, we will start our return back to Puerto Madryn, for our last overnight in the área.

Day 5 – Puerto Madryn – Trelew

After breakfast, we will be transfered to Trelew Airport to take our flight back to Buenos Aires, or any other destination in Argentina.

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