Puerto Madryn & Peninsula Valdes: What To Pack?

Puerto Madryn

If you`re visting Puerto Madryn, to enjoy sealife, whales, penguins, birds, sea lions and sea elepants… you would like to know what to pack. Well, it`s Patagonia and as part of this south region in Argentina, it`s very important to bring correct clothing. Puerto Madryn is located 42°46′S 65°3′W and weather is atemperated by the ocean. Check more information about weather in Puerto Madryn here

So, well, what to pack then?

You should wear layers, this is actually true for any hiking trip, and even more so if you travel to Patagonia. Even if you go to Patagonia in the summer, make sure to wear layers, starting with a good technical tank top as the under layer, and then a thermal or quick dry shirt as a base layer. Add a good fleece and wear a wind and rain proof jacket as a top layer. You will likely get warm and sweat a bit on a sunny day and if you walk uphill, and you will have to take layers off. But as the weather changes rapidly the temperatures may drop again and you may need to layer up again.

Remember you will be in boat navigations, watching whales, or close to the coast in Doradillo or Punta Tombo, or San Lorenzo Penguin Reserve. A good packing list should include items that dry quickly.

Appropriate footwear is important. Be prepared to walk and for that, you need confortable shoes to walk the paths with some stairs. Trekking pants are perfect, but also rain pants are a good idea. Of course sunglasses, and sunscreen, because the UV index during summer season could be high.

Source: RipioTurismo

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Ramiro Rodriguez

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